Group travel offers like-minded individuals an opportunity to experience the fun, comradery and adventure of traveling together. Fisher Travel can develop any special interest itinerary...outdoor adventures, food and wine tours, religious tours including pilgrimages...and many more. Group travel provides enriching experiences for any age group and organization including teachers, alumni associations, and seniors. Whether it is a family reunion in Disneyworld or a "Cornucopia of Orchids" customized tour of England, we have the knowledge and expertise to make each unique itinerary unforgettable.

Fisher Travel group specialists have the bargaining power to obtain the best pricing and the best value. A group rate can be obtained for as few as 15 people traveling together and provides many fantastic benefits such as discounts, upgrades, inclusions such as cocktail parties, and even a free passenger credit. Fisher Travel is committed to planning a wonderful, stress-free experience tailored to your special interest groups specific needs and requests.